Our Story

In 2012, while still a student in Law School, Philippe Azria founded Upperlife.  After launching a few tech projects on his own, Philippe quickly understood how hard it was to create and run a tech company when you don’t come from the Tech World and don’t know much about the Startup Ecosystem.

The Upperlife journey started with the idea to create a mine of helpful people for young and newbie entrepreneur and slowly became an integrated company that provides services to every person with an innovative idea.

Upperlife’s motto: Help entrepreneurs to build and achieve their vision… To infinity and beyond

Our Journey
  • 2012 : Okay Houston…

    The launch of Upperlife. Crucial Moment for Human(StartUp)kind

  • 2013 : Upperlife Lab

    Lab Initiation. Innovative Technological Structures

  • 2015 : Startup Services

    Startups cannot deal with so much on their own. Upperlife is here to help

  • The best is yet to come...
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